The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Who is the Pim?

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Mr. Otto Frank (Pim) is father of Anne and Margot Frank. He comes from a wealthy family and spent most of his life in Germany. When Hitler rose to power in 1933, Mr. Frank reacted by relocating his family to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. There, he worked in the food products business. When the Nazis invaded the Netherlands, he made arrangements for his family to go into hiding in the building in which he was once employed. (Jews were not allowed to work with non-Jewish Dutch after the Nazis took over the Netherlands.) He is Anne's favorite relative; she often calls him "Pim" and considers him her savior and confidant in the annex. He is the sole surviving member of his family after the war. He arranged for the publication of Anne's diary and died in the early 1980s.