The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Someone please help me with my essay!!!

The topic for it is Haddon explores the challenges of sutism and some of the broader issues experienced by most teenagers.Explain he is able to achieve this. The 3 topics I have chosen to do are Autism, language and communication, love and relationships and how society sees these children and fitting in.

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You list autism as a topic; are you exploring autism outside of the text for this topic?

Language and Communication- This becomes an issue early in the novel when Christopher is questioned by the police. The autistic are very literal, everything is black and white (the level of autism is the deciding factor here). When overly prodded to answer a question they don't understand, or that they believe has already been answered they'll shut down. When the police question him, Christopher covers his ears and puts his head on the ground (similar to a fetal position but not). This is how he calms himself, this is the body language that says he's overloaded. The opposite would be self-stimulation, a frustrated act that signals frustration (rocking, twisting hair).

Love and Relationships- Christopher's dad is a great example for your section on love and relationships. He does the best he can........... but it isn't enough. When Christopher finds his mother's letters the world changes. It's hard to generalize for you here...... most children with autism don't express their love. They don't usually hug........ they don't usually enjoy physical contact, but again, that's a generalization.

I don't know if this has helped. I've been working with autistic children for twenty years. It's a large spectrum, and each child is completely different. Certain behaviors are almost always evident, others aren't. I guess my main question for you is are all of your topics going to directly reference Christopher as their theme........

Sparknotes has a great analysis of Christopher's character;


Autism, language and communication

Although the word is not mentioned in the novel, Christopher does suffer from Asperger's syndrome, which is an autistic spectrum disorder. This means that Christopher expresses himself in a simple and straightforward way and cannot understand commonly accepted modes of signaling. For instance, he says 'I find people confusing. This is for two main reasons. The first main reason is that people do a lot of talking without using any words...The second main reason is that people often talk using metaphors.' Christopher does not accept the typical 'signals' that people use to communicate, for instance 'raising an eyebrow' which Siobhan explains to him 'can mean 'I want to do sex with you' and it can also mean 'I think that what you just said was very stupid.'

The fact that Christopher has a form of autism allows Haddon to take away the baggage that language has adopted over the years and to strip it bare once again to a pure form; we have to interact directly with the words that are spoken and not with the implications of these words according to the society we live in. In this way, Christopher's account allows us to see the world in a new and fresh light without taking anything for granted. He says himself 'My name...means carrying Christ...Mother used to say that it meant Christopher was a nice name because it was a story about being kind and helpful, but I do not want my name to mean a story about being kind and helpful. I want my name to mean me.' Christopher's father fans out his fingers and touches Christopher 'and it means that he loves me' .

Christopher does not like to be hugged. He does not understand what different facial expressions are. He needs to relate directly and individually to language; through his writing, language is reborn in less encumbered way. Most of us would understand what 'I laughed my socks off' meant but few of us would know where the expression originated, and so we have lost the impact of the metaphor because we don't know why it is used in this way. Christopher forces us to reassess our relationship with language so that it speaks directly to us and so that the only tool we use to communicate is a direct reflection of what we think and feel, not a borrowed or inherited means of expression.



You're welcome! If you need to relate to the text on a personal level I have a few short stories........... I'd only give you the short ones.. all literal misunderstandings, but they put it in perspective;


D******** you're killing me.......... and then the phone message from mom and dad that he was crying because I was dying.