The Crucible

why are some people, including john proctor, inclined to stay away from sabbath meeting?

Act 1

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Some community members, including John Proctor, stay away from services on the Sabbath because they aren't fond of Parris or his sermons. Parris is not only seen as disingenous but prideful as well.

"I have trouble enough without I come five miles to hear him preach only hellfire and bloody damnation. Take it to heart, Mr. Parris. There are many others who stay away from church these days because you hardly ever mention God anymore."

In actuality, the Sabboth began Saturday at sunset. Except to attend church, you were not allowed to leave your house until sunset Sunday. To be caught on the streets in between was a fine. "John Proctor" (Porter Goss) attended every Sunday in Salem Town while his wife attended church in Salem Village.

The actual historical accuracy far exceeds anything Arthur Miller wrote. But he can't be blamed for that as "Invisible World" had yet to be written.


"Invisible World" by Clark Wilkins