The Crucible

What did Hale asked Proctor to test his "christianity" and what was his answer?

The crucible

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In act 2 Rev. Hale drops in on the Proctors. He questions/tests John on the following subjects:

1. He wants to know why John has not been to church much. Proctor says his wife has been ill.

2. Hale asks why only two of his boys are baptized. Proctor finally says that he dislikes Rev. Parris and doesn't want his slimy hands on the third.

3.Hale asks Proctor to recite the ten Commandments. Proctor does but, of course, forgets adultery.

4. Hale asks Proctor to testify in court that the afflicted girls are just acting. Proctor pauses and Hale thinks he has something to hide.