The Crucible

to what extent does mr hales statement reveal the corruption of justice in salem?

mr hale's statement is "Believe me , mr nurse , if rebecca nurse be tainted then there is nothing left to stop the whole green world from burning.Let you rest upon the justice of the court ; the court will send her home i know it"

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Mr. Hale was certain that cooler heads would prevail in the courts, certain Rebecca would be set free. From this statement, we can see how far the corruption extended and how many innocent people, no matter their actions were convicted and murdered for that corruption.

so if i had to write an essay of 450 words and that was the topic sentence what would be the main points you would give me?

You might want to begin by mentioning Reverend Hale's gung-ho attitude when he first arrived in Salem. He was more than ready to pull out his little book on witchcraft and nail those witches to the wall..... at least until he realized things were not at all what they appeared to be.

Then, you might want to move onto the people in Salem that Hale genuinely came to respect and care about. Talk about his reservations, the way he tries to make-up for his mistakes. He wants justice, and he believes the courts will give justice. He accuses, and then he realizes he was wrong..... so he tells the people he misjudged from the beginning to lie in order to save themselves. Think about the guilt and responsibility that put on his shoulders.

Hope that helps.