The Crucible

John Proctor is angry with Mary Waren for disobeying him. Explain where she has been and why he has forbidden her to go there.


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Proctor is angry at Mary because she has been made an official in the court, formally accusing people of witchcraft, along with Abigail and the other girls. Mary Warren claims that Goody Osburn sent her spirit out in court to choke them, and often mumbles whenever others turn her away when she begs. Proctor demands proof that Goody Osburn is a witch, and forbids Mary Warren to go to court. Mary says that it is amazing that Proctor does not realize the importance of her work, and insists that she is a court official. Incensed, Proctor threatens her with a whip.


In actual history ("The Crucible" aside), "John Proctor" (i.e. Porter Goss) refused to witness for the fits of Mary Warren against Giles Corey. Proctor (Goss) only left town so that he could not be called upon to witness her fits.

The true story is far more amazing than the myth.


"Invisible World" by Clark Wilkins