The Crucible

how the characters are portrayed; how the characters interact; the context of the scenes?

In Tituba's confession and Marry warren begins his confession

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Mary Warren is a girl. Anyhow, the characters are portrayed as follows: Tituba is a slave come from Barbados with Mr. Parris. She is terrified when she gives her confession and we see her questioners actually putting words in her mouth which she then repeats to satisfy what she thinks they want to hear. Her confession really is what gets the serious "witch hunting" going since the girls blame what happened in the forest on Tituba. As for Mary Warren, she comes with a rather weak will to testify against the girls. Her confession is only supported by John Proctor, who again makes her operate under the guise of her fear of him. But she fears Abby more intently, so when Abby accuses Mary of witching them, Mary gives in and accuses John Proctor of being the devil's man.