The Count of Monte Cristo

Why didn't Edmond fight for Mercedes at the end?

After all he had gone through to save her, in the end he just let her go to become a nun. Why didn't he want to be with her in the end? I mean if he would have asked I'm sure she would have gone with him to Monte Cristo. They would have been alone and wouldn't have had to worry about honor or pride or anything

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Monte Cristo bids farewell to Mercedes, one of his last duties before he sails away. The two are perhaps no longer in love, yet the memory of what they had as youths is still a strong binding emotion. This is evident by Mercedes' whispers, "Edmond, Edmond." Her reason for living is now the love for her son, yet she cannot help thinking of the Dantes she loved as a young girl. She now is losing both of them, as is symbolized by her son's ship that leaves the Marseilles harbor. Dantes also still trembles at the thought and sight of Mercedes. Dantes must reunite Maximilien with Valentine so that they can enjoy the love he never was able to. In this chapter, loose ends are being tied up. The climax of Monte Cristo's revenge has passed and he has succeeded.


becuase endmond love his best friend