The Count of Monte Cristo

What is left for Monte Cristo to do, now that his plot for vengeance has come to an end?

Chapters 70-71, abridged version.

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There really is not mutch for him to do once his vengeance is complete. I do not think that Monte Cristo felt the level satisfaction from revenge that he thought he would have had. Abbe Faria alluded to this earlier in the book. Monte Cristo's final act of divine justice is completed in this chapter. He inflicted ultimate despair upon Maximilien, thus Maximilien is now deserving of ultimate bliss. Monte Cristo is also given a second chance at happiness with Haydee. It is significant that this chapter ends on the Isle of Monte Cristo. It symbolizes and marks the end of the Count's journey of vengeance. The journey had begun here when Dantes had dug up the treasure of Monte Cristo. The journey is now over, and Monte Cristo disappears into the horiz