The Count of Monte Cristo

what happenned at the house in auteil?

chapters 20-26

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Monte Cristo goes to his country house in Auteuil the day after Caderousse and Andrea's meeting. Andrea sends an anonymous letter to Monte Cristo warning him that an enemy of his is intending to break in to his house in Paris. Monte Cristo thus summons all his servants away from the house, and departs to go defend it himself with his servant Ali. He is expecting a threat to his life, thus when he finds Caderousse breaking in he realizes how small the the threat is. Monte Cristo quickly changes garb. He now is Abbe Busoni, whom Caderousse will recognize. Caderousse is astounded at the Abbe's presence. He attempts to stab the Ab be, who fortunately is wearing a mesh protective suit. The Abbe says to Caderousse that he shall forgive him, if and only if Caderousse makes it home safely.......