The Count of Monte Cristo

Is the count of monte cristo good or bad? Why?

Just explain what you think. (: i need an idea for an essay im writing

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It depends on who you ask, of course, but I think The Count of Monte Cristo represents a character who is entirely engulfed by a single task: namely, revenge. This is marvelous on one level--considering the obstacles that he must overcome--but it is also terrible given the lives lost at his behest. In my estimation, "excellent" or "marvelous" is a more fitting adjective than "good."

The count of monte cristo is cruel...manipulative...and anything but good. As he changes "characters" he also changes mindsets. When he is Abbé Busconi he is temptation...the clerk fm Thomas and French was respect...Sinbad was hope, but all of it was with self-satisfaction attatched. The Count wanted to repay everyone in his a mirror to what the person he "addressed" gave him. The "good" side of the Count only is in the image of Edmond. Only Edmond did things for no other reason than because it was right...without expecting anything in return. Edmond was "honor." Edmond died in pieces with the desertion (by death or choice) of those he loved: his father, abbé fair, and Mercedes. He finally found Edmond again when he finally found love again with Haydee.


The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

The definition of what is 'good' or 'bad' is essentially subjective however this is book which explores retribution and justice. Through the character of Edmund the reader is taken on a journey which reflects on human nature from amibition, greed, power to love and how essentially such character flaws can be destructive. No one character is without flaws in this gripping adventure novel and even Edmonds retribution takes with it innocent victims such as Edward and Albert. Just as the experiences of life change our charcters forever I don't believe that Edmond is ever the same after being in jail. This book is a complex weave of characters and motives and there really is no happy ending as everyone is scarred by events in one way or another.