The Chosen

in what way does freud contradict the teaching of the talmud

chapter twelve of the chosen

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Danny's study of Freud; that he is learning German in order to study Freud proves his great fascination for the subject.

However, an interest in psychology places Danny directly in conflict with his father's values. The psychological mindset is far too modern and contradicts the religious perspective favored by Reb Saunders. Sigmund Freud thus, in this novel, symbolizes highly modern and highly secular values akin to those atheistic attitudes espoused by Darwin.


Danny continues to read Freud, although Freud's insight into the nature of man upsets him because, as he puts it, Freud "tore man from God . . . and married him off to Satan." Danny explains Freud to Reuven, who is also upset by it, because Freud contradicts everything he has ever learned.

But, according to Danny, what Freud sees in the heart of man is nasty and is anything but religious.

Over the month, Danny patiently provides Reuven with a thorough briefing on Freud. And Reuven starts thinking that it might not be possible for the Talmud and Freud to live peacefully inside Danny’s head.