The Chosen

How do Professor Appleman and Reuven help ease Danny's tension and further his studies?

this question is from the last chapters of the book The Chosen.

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Danny is thoroughly miserable in Samson Raphael Hirsch College, for his psychology professor, Nathan Appleman, has an intense dislike for psychoanalysis in general and for Freud in particular. When Danny complains about Professor Appleman, Reuven suggests that he talk to his professor about his dislike of Freud. Before Danny goes to see Professor Appleman to discuss Freud, he yells at Reuven for not supporting him. However, afterward he apologizes and tells Reuven that Professor Appleman has a problem with Freud's followers and not Freud, whom he acknowledges is a genius. Danny's attitude toward Professor Appleman changes when he learns this. Reuven begins coaching Danny in math to help him with experimental psychology.