The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Who is the fat prince who tried to kill baby Michael?

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The fat prince is a brother to governor George

The fat prince is a brother to governor George Arsen Karzbeki

The Fat Prince, Arsen Kazbeki, is brother to governor Georgi Abashwili. He is apparently behind the death of his brother ,the governor and seeks to do away with anyone affiliated to him. The reason he pursues Michael Abashwili,son of the late governor.

Arsen Kazbeki probably craves to satisfy his greed n selfishness for power,by taking over leadership the city after the death of governor.


Act 1 Pg 28. Arsen Kazbeki regrets he did'nt capture the baby and orders for it urgently. Act2,pg 39. Grusha is confronted by the Ironshirts pursuing the child on Fat Prince's command.

Governor George Arsen Karzbeki