The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Incidents of war and suffering among the people

Chapter 1

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Exploitation. The old man sells milk at a higher price saying that the soldiers have taken the goats.

Lose of lives.The son of the old peasant woman was killed at the course of the war.The judge is also killed by the carpet weavers.

Destruction of property. The apple orchard was destroyed and the beautiful dairy farm was ruined as said in the prologue

Displacement of people. Grusha was forced to move to lavrenti's home with baby Michael. Natella also had to run away to save her live.The Grand duke was also displaced and later on welcomed by Azdak


From the play itself

It is also clearly shown of how the peasant people and the beggars are crying to the governor for help as he enters the church that Easter Sunday morning. This indicates suffering. Also the governor wants to snatch land from the people living in the slums in order to prepare a garden for his son, Michael. This also indicates the kind of suffering the poor people are going through.


From the play itself.