The Caucasian Chalk Circle

How does being hypocritical reduce one's elements and add callousness according to The Caucasian Chalk Circle? which character?

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The final parody of religion is presented in the form of a drunk monk. The monk who performs the wedding ceremony is a "cheap monk" who does not do a very good job.

Three more sacraments are presented in this act, those of marriage, holy orders, and extreme unction. All occur when the monk is present. He himself represents Holy Orders, or at least a parody of Holy Orders. He then performs the marriage ceremony and immediately thereafter, he asks the mother if she would like him to perform extreme unction, a sacrament in which the dead are anointed. She refuses, claiming that the wedding cost too much already.


The fat prince is so hypocritic that he even goes to an extend of assasinating his own brother.


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