The Canterbury Tales

Accordint to the Pardoner, what effect does the sheep bone have on animals?

From the "Pardoner's Prologue"

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The Pardoner has this bone fro a sheep belonging to a Jew. He claims it has powers to cure a sick calf or cow and cuure sheep of the pox. It also has powers to cure humans. Here is a translation of the passage,

I have a shoulder-bone set in brass which came from a holy Jew's sheep. 352

"'Good men,' I say, 'mark my words; wash this bone in any spring, and if a cow or calf or sheep or ox swell up that has been stung or bitten by any serpent, take water from this spring and wash its tongue and it will be healthy then. And moreover, every sheep that drinks a draught from this spring shall be cured of pox or scabs or sores. And mark what I say. 360

"'If the man of the house who owns the beasts will drink, fasting, a draught from this spring every week before cock-crow, as this holy Jew taught our forefathers, his beasts and his stock shall multiply. And sirs, it will cure jealousy also; though a man be fallen into a jealous fury, mix his broth with this water and he will never mistrust his wife again, even if he knows the very truth of her fault--although she has taken two or three priests. 371