The Book Thief

what do the details about max`s childhood reveal about his character as he faces his current struggle ?

max`s childhood

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A 23-year-old Jew who hides from the Nazis in the Hubermanns' basement. Max was a fist-fighter growing up, and as a teenager he resolves not to die without a fight. Max is wracked with anguish and guilt over leaving his family to save himself, but he comes to befriend Liesel as the two share their respective nightmares. Max is a fighter who laments being a burden to Liesel and the Hubermans. The fact that Max is strong willed, a scrapper and a survivor pulls him through the struggles that he must face. Max doesn't give up, even when he is close to death in the Huberman's basement. He also refuses to be a risk to anyone else on his account.