The Alchemist (Coelho)

Describe the dream the alchemist tells the boy.

Short answer.

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It wasn't the alchemist's dream that he tells; it was a story. The alchemist tells Santiago about Emperor Tiberius from Rome. Tiberius had two sons; one was a soldier and the other was a poet. An angel visited him in a dream and told him that the world would remember the words of one of his sons. When he died, Tiberius met the angel and thanked him for the knowledge that his son’s poetry would be everlasting. The angel then told him that no one remembered his son's poem, but that his son the soldier had met the Son of God. His words to the Son of God revealed his knowledge. His words that he was not worthy, and that the Son of God needed only to speak one word and his servant would be healed. These words became immortal.


The Alchemist

What did he tell him short answer