The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Why is Tom Sawyer disappointed in Chapter Eight? Give evidence and explain why?

why tom sawyer disappointed in chapter 8, give evidence and explain why?

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Tom is heartbroken after he foolishly tells Becky about his previous engagement to Amy (he'd just gotten engaged to Becky). Completely devastated, Becky breaks out into tears and won't have anything more to do with Tom. In Chapter Eight, Tom runs off into the dense woods, somewhere far away from the schoolhouse where Becky is. The woods are still, adding to Tom's lonely and melancholy state. Tom sits and begins to consider what it would be like to die, and at this point, the only thing that makes him hesitate is his bad Sunday school record. Becky would be sorry, he thinks to himself, about the way she treated him if only he were dead. "Ah, if only he could die temporarily!"