The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

what happened in the haunted house

chapter 26

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On Saturday afternoon, they return to the dead tree and dig for a short time in their previously made hole, before moving on to the haunted house. After entering the house, they are greeted with an eerie silence and are afraid to venture any further. But after "familiarity modified their fears," Huck and Tom venture upstairs. Not long afterwards, the boys stretch themselves upon the floor after hearing strange voices coming toward the door. With their eyes pressed to knotholes in the floor planks, they watch in anxiety as two men enter the haunted house. One they immediately recognize as the "old deaf and dumb Spaniard" who has loitered around town; but, surprising the boys, the Spaniard begins to speak and they immediately recognize the voice as belonging to Injun Joe!

Using the haunted house as a "hideout," the unknown man and Injun Joe remain until sundown, at which point they decide to leave. But before they depart, the crooks begin to bury a bag filled with over six hundred dollars in silver. Still hiding, Tom and Huck grow ecstatic. But to the amazement of all those in the haunted house, Injun Joe finds a box of buried treasure: an iron-bound box filled with gold coins that is suspected to belong to gang who once were thought to have used the house as an old hideout. After carrying the money and the newfound box with them to stash in their secret hiding place ("Number Two ­ under the cross"), Injun Joe and the man plan a "dangerous job" of revenge as they exit the house. Tom and Huck leave shortly thereafter, contemplating their ill luck and hoping that the "revenge" Injun Joe was planning was not directed toward them.



Who did Huck think was coming up the path towards the door