The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

I need help with the Map Project! (Huckleberry finn)

I have the map of the stops of Huckleberry finn!!

I just need help with this:

I need to cit quotations from the text to depict the scene at each stop along the river. I need Commentary for each quotation that should examine Mark Twain's purpose in his use of dialect, satire/historical context and Huck as a reliable narrator.

Basicly the project is looking for this.

"Each stop along the journey is accurately identified in a visual representation. Each Quote is correctly taken from the stop during the journey. The commentary for each quote at each stop accurately depicts Twain's use of Dialect, satire within it's historical context, and Huck as a reliable narrator.

Please help where i can find this information. Or if anyone can just give me the facts and stuff.

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This should be quite easy. If you have the map, then go to the e-text of huck finn and do a search for the location words - that should jump you to each location and you can use relevant quote.

help me!!!!