The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

chapter 19-20 i have 10 questions

how do huck and jim spend their days?

how does huck describe the river life? how does he feel about living on the raft?

describe the men huck meet? what were the men doing to get in trouble?

why do they claim they know each other?

what does the younger man claim of his birth? what does he want?

how does the old man feel about bridgewaters predicament? what does he claim? what can you infer from their behavior?

how does huck feel about these guys? what line he give them?

where do the men sleep? where do huck and jim get stuck?

what do the king and duck plan to do? explain the scene when they get to town? what line does the king give the crowd? how does the crowd react?

how do they plan to disguise themselves and jim? how does jim feel about the duke and king? why?

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In Chapter 12, Jim and Huck spend a few days traveling down the river. They improve the raft by building a wigwam, which will keep them dry and warm. Each night, Huck goes into a nearby town and buys more provisions for the next day. They only travel at night to avoid being seen and questioned.

You need to submit each of your questions one at a time.