The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

chapter 18 i have 8 questions

what are colonel grangerford and his family? how does huck know? Describe them

why doesnt harney shepardson kill buck?

why does buck say he wanted to kill harney? what is the feud and what started this one?

how many have been killed in the feud?

what is huck doing when he finds jim?

what is the harney and sophia story?

how does huck feel about the feud? what happens to buck?

how do huck and jim escape?

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The Grangefords are a rich family who happen to be feuding with another rich family, Shepherdson's. When the Grangerford's recognize that Huck is no relation to the Shepherdson's, they welcome him with open arms.

You need to submit your other questions one at a time.

they are very wealthy and welcome in huck