The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

American Dream Chapters 7-12

I need a quote from huckleberry Finn that represents or shows what all americans aspire to become and have in their lives ( American Dream ) Then i need an analysis of the quote

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There is something heroic about escaping an abusive situation and striking out on your own into the wilderness. Here, Huck has escaped his pap and found the safety of his island wilderness. This is self- determinism: a very American trait.

I went up and set down on a log at the head of the island, and looked out on the big river and the black driftwood and away over to the town, three mile away, where there was three or four lights twinkling. A monstrous big lumber-raft was about a mile up stream, coming along down, with a lantern in the middle of it. I watched it come creeping down, and when it was most abreast of where I stood I heard a man say, "Stern oars, there! heave her head to stabboard!" I heard that just as plain as if the man was by my side. There was a little gray in the sky now; so I stepped into the woods, and laid down for a nap before breakfast. ch 7