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gothic novel elements of the novel jane eyre

what are the elements of gothic and which chapter we find it of the novel of jane eyre

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Jane Eyre is filled with gothic imagery. The first imagery we find in the novel's main setting, Thornfield Hall. It is a great manor, but it is also dark and foreboding. It's mysterious, and it has power to unsettle even the most settled of persons, evoking disturbing feelings of the supernatural with the evening's twilight, "strange, indeed, by the pallid gleam of moonlight." (Jane, pg.92)

The Red Room is the place of Mr. Reeds death. Jane is uncomfortable there; the walls are as red as blood, and Jane imagines his ghost moving throughout the room as it rains outside.

Other gothic imagery can be found in the setting of her meeting with Mr. Rochester; the time that Grace sets the bed on fire; the chestnut tree, and in the scene where Rochester's wife comes into Jane's room and places the wedding veil on her own head. Jane re-enacts this the next morning in front of the mirror.

Mirrors are used throughout the novel as Jane see herself differently as the story progresses. The mirror distorts, tells the truth and even lies.


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