A Tale of Two Cities

What are the two promises that the Doctor makes Charles?

Book-2 chapter 6

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I think this is in chapter 10. Here is what Charles asks the doctor to promise: “Promise me that if Miss Manette ever tells you that she feels the same way about me as I do about her, you will tell her what I have said and that you believe me to be telling the truth. I hope you will think well enough of me as to not speak against me. I ask nothing more than that. Just tell me the conditions that you have, which you have a right to have.”

There was two promises first one was charles darnay to dr Manette when he told him that he love lucie and he told him that he will never separate them and he will going to live with them,the second promise was sydney carton to lucie when he told her that he loves her and he will love the man she loves he asked her to remember him.he told her that there  a man who would give his life to keep life your love beside you