Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Gawain and the Green Knight

Describe thw Green Knight both physically and from his actions.

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The Knight is made to sound like a violent and tough figure. I'm not sure if you can understand this but here is the passage,

"The place that ye prese to ful perelous is holden.
There wones a wye in that waste the worst upon erthe,
For he is stif and sturn and to strike lovies [...]
He cheves that chaunce at the Chapel Grene,
There passes none by that place so proud in his armes
That he ne dynges him to dethe with dint of his hande,
For he is a mon methles, and mercy none uses.
For be hit chorle auther chaplayn that by the chapel rides,
Monk auther masseprest auther any mon elles,
Him think as queme him to quelle as quik go himselven."

This shows the Knight to be ruthless and is afraid of no man or army.