Shakespeare's Sonnets

Which of the five senses do lines 50-61 appeal to?

Macbeth's Act 4, scene 1, lines 50-61

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This is the wrong category. I can't resist a Shakespeare question though. Perhaps the good people at GradeSaver can conjure a way to put this under the right heading. Basically the Macbeth is talking about all the different things witches can do. Although they could not outright kill someone, they could mess with the elements. Consider "untie the winds" or "castles topple on their warders' heads". I'd say those address all five senses. I mean if a castle fell on your head, you would see, touch, taste, smell and hear something; this would be especially so if you were eating a roasted boar at the time. If the witches can mess around with nature you can be sure all five senses would be involved. This of, course is only Macbeth's way of sweet talking the old hags into telling him what he wants to hear.