Season of Migration to the North

From a psycho-analytical view, expalin Mustafa's sexuality, its imlications and role

using psychonanlysis expalin mustafas sexual desires towards women and how did he imply it

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Mustafa's sexual desires equate violence and sex hand in hand. He prefers to seduce women who are independent (modern day women)Westerners. They are complete opposites of the Muslim women he has known; he treats them as objects and dominates the relationship.

Mustafa considers his trip to English territory, and his subsequent sexual liasons as his own form of "colonization." His trip to London is more of the same. He chooses women that in some way represent Western civilization, and he then seduces them (they believe him to be be exotic and exciting). The violent, dominant nature of these relationships is compete and overpowering....... the women begin to commit suicide and he ends the life of the British woman he eventually marries by stabbing her to death.

All of Mustafa's conquests are based on conflict and pay-back. The author uses this romantic/ sexual premise to show how both countries and women can be penetrated and taken over.

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