Romeo and Juliet

What does the play say/imply about the following themes? Use examples from the play?

Haste, young love, society/individuals, fate/free will

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Haste - Romeo and Juliet fall in love and marry within about 18 hours. Young love - they are 13 and 17 and fall immediately, madly in love as if it were fated and it could not be any other way. Society - the families represent two groups of people who do not even know what they are fighting about anymore. The Prince represents a government which expects people to act appropriately and not disrupt the general calm of the city. Fate/free will - these two act as if they are fated "star-crossed lovers" - this will keep them together even though it cannot turn out well. They exercise their free will to do what they wish, but it still does not turn out in a positive fashion for them.