Romeo and Juliet

-Act one, Scene 4 of Romeo and Juliet-

What is romeos dream about?

Was it positive or Negative?

Act one, scene 5 : describe the first meeting of romeo and juliet. what language does shakespeare use?

How does juliet react when she fets to know that romeo is a montague?

I only need a few bulletpoints, as i need the homework for tomorrow but my book has not arrived yet. and i dont want some finished essay from the internet.. i want to write it myself.. just dont know what its about.

THanks for the answers! =)))

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-Romeo just says he had a bad dream about going to this feast.

-Romeo is all in love. He uses language that personifies his new obsession/love for Juliet. It's about how she teaches the torches to burn brighter....

-Juliet is shocked, "my only love sprung from my only hate"