Riders to the Sea

How did Bartley's death attract Maurya? How did Maurya react to this? Remember to use page #'s and quotes and chapters correctly and clearly!

Riders to the Sea

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Maurya's reaction to Bartley's death was quite strange as she became strangely enough totally calm and quiet.

she speaks with a great courage at the gathering of the people who come with the dead body of the Bartley, she admits that everything is over with her and the sea could do nothing to her as they are all gone and now she has nothing to lose.

Thus in describing that the death of Bartley, her lost surviving son, has freed her from all the worries and anxities, Maurya grows intensely emotional and says:

"They're all gone now, and there isn't anything more the sea can do to me.... I'll have no call now to be up crying and praying when the wind breaks from the south, and you can hear the surf is in the east, and the surf is in the west, making a great stir with the two noises, and they hitting one on the other. I'll have no call now to be going down andgetting Holy Water in the dark nights after Samhain, and I won't care what way the sea is when the other women will be keening."

she might be broken from the insdie but she feels contented with the idea that Michael has got a clean burial in the Far North and Bartley will have fine coffin ou of the white boards, and a deep grave surely.

For the Islanders a land burial is a boon or luxury. "What more can we want than that?" exclaims Maurya, "No man at all can be living forever, and we must be satisfied." So the real underlying passion is satisfaction and contentment. This shows the real extreme straight-fowardness, simplicity and innocence of the people of the Aran Islands.