Poe's Poetry

what do you understand by 'a love that was more than love'?

annabel lee by edgar allan poe

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In this poem, the speaker “loved with a love that was more than love;” it was a perfect love. So perfect, that the seraphs in heaven “covet” the maiden and speaker. What is unusual here is that Poe has left off his so often approached theme of death for a theme of a perfect love that couldn't last. Perfect...... made it something to be taken away; this is an autobiographical poem, and it conveys Poe's feeling for his one true love and wife who was taken away from him far too soon.

Like I've already mentioned, this is different for him. So many of his poems use death as their theme, and yes, this poem is about a love that has dies, but dar more than that it is a memory.......... it isn't morbid, but endearing; it isn't an epitaph, it's a song..........


Annabel Lee