What does Iago mean when he tells Roderigo: “I am not what I am”. Explain in a S.E.X.Y paragraph

S. State your claim...a.k.a. provide a simple answer to the question, based on the text.)

E. EVIDENCE…(INTRODUCE T.extual E.vidence, perhaps by showing who said it---> put “around” the T.E. you select, and CITE the page # in parentheses, outside of the quote.

X. eXplain your evidence within the context of the text…(provide a bit of background info for your reader so they understand what’s happening in the t.e. you selected

Y. whY/how does your evidence connect to or prove your claim? Provide a thorough analysis, showing the CONNECTION between your claim and the text...basically close the case! (and avoid saying “claim”--state the idea that is your claim instead!)

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I can't do a "sexy" paragraph for you. This is a short answer forum only. I can point out that Iago was actually being literal here. Iago is not what he appears to be. His motives for doing things, including his relationship with Roderigo, are duplicitous.