Help with newspaper article that exposes the treatment of woman in the play othello?

What would a newspaper article sound like, in the narrative style of a usual article in the newspaper exposing the treatment of women in the play Othello. Desdemona and Emilia are both victims of abuse and domestic violence at the hands of men. I also have to include facts or cite quotations from the play to substantiate your article. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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Again? holy moly.

There big questions and I'm having trouble with them.

I couldn't possibly do this on my own, since im in 9th grade. What grade are you in?

Sorry, i didn't mean to say that. it just popped right into my head.

Could you possibly write an article about this, Trevor? I mean, this seems hard for me since im in 4th grade. Yes, i agree with you Kristen Evan's, and Trevor. These sure are hard questions! Let's see what i can do...hm...yep, sorry i got nothing, though i might be able to get you a link...nope, it's not theoretical anymore Trevor. Good God this is some piece of good writing.

Does ayone have the answer to Trevor's question? Did you get the answer Trevor?