Do you feel pity for Desdeoma or was she to blame for her own death?

In relation to her undying love to Othello even through his domestic violence towards her. She defies her father and sacrifices her relationship with her father to be with Othello. Should we pity her or is she to blame for her own death due to her naivety, and submissiveness.

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You have to feel pity for poor Desdemona. Not only does she anger her father, and probably most whites in the play, she is loyal to the moor until the end. She seeks only to do right for Casio and sees the good in everybody. Her crime is only to be naively loyal to Othello. She attempts to temper his irrational anger but only feeds it with Iago's poison running through his mind. Desdemona is stoic throughout her suffering yet filled with compassion for a husband that is so easily tricked.