Oliver Twist

Which two characters are the best to discuss about what extent they work both as objects of comedy and social criticism?

Oliver Twist is a novel that is both funny and sad. Dickens is a master of creating humorous characters as launchpads for his satire of Victorian hypocrisy.

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Choosing these characters is a difficult task, as youl'll really need to look for the humor in Dickens' portrayal. I've always felt Mr. Bumble to be a bumbling fool. He selfish and self-centered..... always looking out for himself and ready to throw others to the wolves. Marriage to Mrs. Corney proves that what goes around comes around.

Jack Dawkins is another favorite. He's the perfect example of how successful a boy born into poverty can become. Unfortunately, he's successful at the wrong trade and never had the chance to put his wits and talent to good use.


Oliver Twist