Of Mice and Men

why did crooks say to candy "you guys is just kidding yourself?

chapter 4 mice of men

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For Crooks, dreams never come true. He knows that all these guys at the ranch have nothing. The farm is just a pipe dream.

Crooks says this because he doesn't believe they'll ever get the farm or have a home. He knows that the workers stay awile and then move on, but that most never settle down and are destined for lonliness. He doesn't believe in the dream of having land or a place of his own.

"You guys is just kiddin' yourself. You'll talk about it a hell of a lot, but you won't get no land. You'll be a swamper here till they take you out in a box. Hell, I seen too many guys. Lennie here'll quit an' be on the road in two, three weeks. Seems like ever' guy got land in his head."

Crooks has seen these itinerant workers go from job to job. Crooks can't believe there is anything beyond the loneliness.