Of Mice and Men

Please help!! How does Of Mice and Men address American culture?

I have trouble relating how Of Mice and Men relate to American culture! Any help would be appreciate.

How does the book relate to aspect/issue/development of American Culture? Any list of words that describe how it is related? Any examples?


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american culture is shown many times throughout the novel. the way that curly is confused why lennie and george travel together(it was odd for two migrant workers to be during the great depression). how women were treated(curly's wife). the fact they had to work for everything. and had this american dream of getting a house. i hope i helped:)

The American Dream has been said to be available to everyone, but this novel shows that some people do not have access to the Dream. They are too poor or somehow disabled or discriminated against. They are too busy trying to survive, so they cannot dream.

It also shows a lot of prejudice--against women, blacks, and anything physically or mentally weak. The weak are disposed of--the smallest pups, the old dog, the woman, the mentally challenged man.

mice of men address the men as dogs because they are married but still go to the brothel. like curly has flirty wife at home and he goes to the brothel is well meaning he isnt loyal.