how is the title of the book both literal and figurative ? why did wiesel choose this title for the novel

write your thoughts and the page number of quote to answer the questioin

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Night is a symbol for the author. It is night when most of the significant events happen. Weisel's own struggle with his experience evoke the connotations of darkness. Ellie first experiences darkness when he realizes that his mentor is ineffective in his warning to the Jews. Weisel's loss of faith, his witnessing of senseless death, his horrendous 40-mile run in the night-time escape, the screaming woman on the train, who, in the darkness of night sees the hopeless future of the women and children who will not survive, the "night" of the loss of faith, the night of the destruction of various important people in Ellie's life, but MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, the darkness that surrounds the plight of the Jewish in the face of not only the Nazi abomination, but also in the "giving up" of the Jews. as a result of the inability to believe that such a horror could possibly touch, reach, disaffect, and, ultimately destroy many of them. It is the NIGHT of man's destruction against man.