How does Elie Weisel treat his father during the journey to Buchenwald and later during Chlomos illness?

This is from the story the night chapters 6-9

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On the journey to Buchenwald, Eliezer's father is close but unresponsive. When the train stops, the SS officers demand that all corpses be thrown out of the train car. When two men grab Eliezer's father to throw him off the train, Eliezer jumps up and screams at Chlomo before slapping him across the face to revive him.

During Chlomo's illness, Elie cares for his father, but begrudgingly, something for which he will later feel tremendous guilt. Elie shares his soup, and gives his father water, even when he shouldn't. In the end, Elie has to emotionally detach.... he watches his father, hears his cries for water, and sees him beaten by the guards. Elie can't move, or he will suffer the same fate. The next morning his father is gone.... he died in the night, and someone else was sleeping in his bunk.