Native Son

can you give a quote about when Bigger discovered that he was blind at the begining concerning white people as individuals?

Bigger's blindness

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This isn't what you want, but it's a start. I honestly don't remember there being a quote in the novel to where he actually cites 'blindness.' This quote is how Bigger views others, and he later sees that it also applies to him. I'll keep looking for you though! :-D

“He felt that they wanted and yearned to see life in a certain way; they needed a certain picture of the world; there was one way of living they preferred above all others; and they were blind to what did not fit. They did not want to see what others were doing if that doing did not fit their own desires….The whole thing came to him in the form of a powerful and simple feeling; there was in everyone a great hunger to believe that made him blind, and if he could see while others were blind, then he could get what he wanted and never be caught….” (102)


Native Son