Montana 1948

why is this also a family matter of brother against brother give 3 examples

in the book montana it reads Grandfather and grandmother come to visit.Father says,''This isn't about family,...This is a legal matter.''

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I'm going to give you an excerpt from a great article about sibling rivalry from this book. I'll share the first part but you can read the rest if yo follow the source link below. It is exactly what you are looking for.

One of the main themes in Montana 1948 is sibling rivalry. The novel illustrates how sibling rivalry can result in problems among the family members. For example, when Uncle Frank came over to the house, Wesley knew that something was going to go wrong because he and his brother never got along. “Brothers naturally invite comparison, and when comparisons were made between those two, my father was bound to suffer.” (Montana 1948) Frank was always the favored child in the family; therefore, Wesley hated whenever he was compared to him. Wesley had good looks; however, Frank had good looks, a built body, and athletic ability that Wesley never had. The tension between the brothers was carried through the years even up to when they were adults. This demonstrates how sibling rivalry can become a large problem within families.