Merchant of Venice

who is phoebus andwhatis meant by phoebus'fire?wht test does the speaker propose,to prove'whose blood is reddest

it is of act 2 seen 1 of merchant of venice .Answer in a manner to get full mark in ICSE pattern

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This is from Act 2 scene 1 of the play Merchant of Venice.Phoebus is a mythological God of Phoebus fire is used to mention sun's light...

The prince of morocco is having boastful talks to coverup his dark complexion...He is a moor and he is coming from a place where they are exposed to very hot sun.So his coplexion is like that.

The speaker here(Prince of Morocco) in conversation with Portia propose a test to prove his blood is the reddest.If a fairest prince from the north(where there is not enough sunlight to melt the ice)and he himself ,make an incision on their body,then Portia can see that his blood is the reddest.That reddness is a proof of his love for Portia and also his courage.

Phoebus is a mythological sun god(latin name fr apollo) and phoebus fire is referred as the sun's burning rays.

to prove that the prince of morrocco and a prince frm the north (where the weather is cold and people have a normal white complexion) are the same,make incision in their body parts and see whose blood is reddest i.e. who is more brave and valorous.