Merchant of Venice

What is the first impression of Portia in Act 1 Scene 2?

So I'm supposed to analyze The Merchat Of Venice's Act 1 Scene 2 and I've researched a bit on it. Mostly, I only found summaries of it but none which are real and detailed analysis of the scene. Don't take this the wrong way, I just started learning this subject so I wasn't sure what I was expected to write and that's basically why I'm depending on the internet. I'm just wondering if you could explain to me what points am I expected to cover, specifically on Portia's characterization and some of the themes mentioned in this scene. Thank you in advance.

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Portia, the wealthy heiress, discusses her many suitors with her noblewoman Nerissa. She points out the faults that each of them has, often stereotyping each suitor according to the country from which he has arrived. In this scene, Portia shows herself to be a clever and independent woman, especially for this era. Some of Shakespeare's heroines had these traits as juxtaposition to men always having them. We see she is no man's fool. Although her late father has constrained her future with this casket game, Portia is determined to use this game to her favor.