Merchant of Venice

in act three how does shakespeare create various dramatic situations and what is the significance ot these events in the development of the plot?

the answer should be just around 400 words only

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Solanio and Salerio discuss the rumor that Antonio has lost yet a second ship. This doesn't look good for Antonio as his bond is going to come due to Shylock. Shylock is furious with Antonio, whom he blames for the loss of Jessica, and also bears an older grudge against the man. Now he wants his pound of flesh more than ever. Shakespeare turns up the drama n scene 3. Shylock has come to watch Antonio be taken away by a jailer. Antonio pleads with Shylock to listen to him, but Shylock says, "I have sworn an oath that I will have my bond," (3.3.4) and refuses to listen to any of the pleas for mercy.In scene 4 Portia then informs Nerissa that they are going to dress up as men and go to Venice in order to help their husbands.