9. How did people survive in Poland during the Second World War? How do you think these survivors felt after the war? Why?


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Polish Jews did anything they could to survive the war. Some hid, some were able to fee and many simply did not survive. I can't say how survivors felt or feel; there are fewer alive every year. I imagine one would never really get over the Hell they were in. I do know the Jewish state of Israel is armed to the teeth vowing that nothing like that will ever happen to the Jewish people again.

The Polish underground and even everyday Polish people helped the Jews by sheltering them, giving them food and supplies in the ghettos, and in many cases arming them with the little things they had. The Nazis also wanted to annihilate the non-Jews too. The common estimate for how many Jews were saved by the Poles was 3 million, with 450,000 saved from certain death.

Source(s) Richard C. Lukas, "Out of the Inferno"