Love Medicine

Why was the chapter titled, The World's Greatest Fisherman?

It does not have to be broad,just make it short

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The World Greatest Fisherman is Chapter One's title, and it can be analyzed in one of two ways. Literally, the title refers to a hat, which reads, “The World’s Greatest Fisherman," and is owned by a king who is known as just that. The King is a bit full of himself, he's modern, young, drinks too much, and enjoys hearing about how wonderful he is.

Figuratively, the title is also a contradiction.

In the realm of deeper figurative meaning, the title can be seen as an obvious and blatant contradiction of sorts. To claim to be "the greatest" or to wear something that proclaims "greatness," when you're nothing more than an abusive drunk is about as contradictory as you can get.


Love Medicine