Lord of the Flies

When a voice calls from the jungle, what does it say on page 166?


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Do you have a chapter? My page 166 reads like this.....

“Now for the mountain.”

“Shouldn’t we go back to Piggy,” said Maurice, “before dark?”

The twins nodded like one boy.

“Yes, that’s right. Let’s go up there in the morning.”

Ralph looked out and saw the sea.

“We’ve got to start the fire again.”

“You haven’t got Piggy’s specs,” said Jack, “so you can’t.”

“Then we’ll find out if the mountain’s clear.”

Maurice spoke, hesitating, not wanting to seem a funk.

“Supposing the beast’s up there?”

Jack brandished his spear.

“We’ll kill it.”

The sun seemed a little cooler. He slashed with the spear.

“What are we waiting for?”

“I suppose,” said Ralph, ”if we keep on by the sea this way, we’ll come

out below the burnt bit and then we can climb the mountain.

Once more Jack led them along by the suck and heave of the blinding


Once more Ralph dreamed, letting his skillful feet deal with the difficulties

of the path. Yet here his feet seemed less skillful than before.

For most of the way they were forced right down to the bare rock by the

water and had to edge along between that and the dark luxuriance of

the forest. There were little cliffs to be scaled, some to be used as paths,



It's in chapter 10. Sorry it took so long for me to respond, my computer died...